Naturopathic Consultations

Naturopathy is a distinct form of natural health care built around the human body’s innate ability to reach vitality when provided the right conditions.  Bernadette guides you on your healing journey with dietary, lifestyle and self-care practice advice.  If required, she will recommend practitioner-grade supplements and personalized herbal remedies.

Naturopathic consultations with Bernadette are a great way to begin to understand your health in a whole new way.  She will review your current and past health history, your genetic, diet and lifestyle factors, and pathology testing to make a plan that puts you in charge of your health. You will feel the difference in yourself and understand how you can preserve yours and your loved ones health for the future.

Bernadette will utilize her unique blend of the best of Naturopathic philosophies and Functional Medicine to address your health concerns.  Some of the health concerns of her clients include:

* Digestive issues – IBS, food intolerance, FODMAPs malabsorbtion, leaky gut, Celiac disease, dysbiosis and microbiome management
* Preconception care and natural fertility
* Period complaints, PCOS, endometriosis
* Pregnancy care, childbirth preparation
* Postpartum mothers and babies
* Mood swings, anxiety and depression
* Fatigue and energy slumps
* Insomnia
* Weight concerns
* Skin irritations
* Infant and children’s health

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