About Me



Hi!  I’m Bernadette.

I am an Australian natural health enthusiast and educator, living in Houston, Texas.   I’m also a wife and Mumma to a spirited toddler.

I started my journey into health care by studying a Bachelor of Nursing.   I have been a registered nurse for 8 years, working for the majority of my career in emergency medicine.

In my early years working as a nurse, I experienced some personal health which were greatly helped by natural medicine interventions.  It was through researching my conditions, working with natural health practitioners and experiencing my own healing journey that I developed a passion for naturopathy.

The more I learnt about holistic health, the more I thought, “Why doesn’t everyone get to learn this stuff?  What if everyone had access to this information!”.  I made it my mission to get educated in functional natural medicine.  I now strive help people feel VITAL, not just ensure their vital signs were within an “normal” range.

I completed a Bachelor of Health Science (naturopathy) in 2015 and have had the honor of consulting individual clients as well as speaking at workshops, health events and online summits.

While I was studying naturopathy, also I trained as a yoga teacher.  I love what yoga practice does for my body, mind and spirit, and I love to share that with others.  Whilst pregnant, I completed prenatal yoga teacher training.  See my current yoga teaching schedule here.


Women’s health private Facebook group

I have a special interest in women’s health, especially hormonal wellness, natural preconception care and fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.  I run a private facebook group discussing these topics.  Please join the community if you want empowering knowledge, latest research, easy tips and a safe place to ask questions.  Click here to join.


Bachelor of Nursing, University of Tasmania (2008)

Graduate Diploma of Nursing (Emergency Nursing), University of Tasmania (2010)

Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), High Vibe Yoga (2014)

Bachelor of Health Science, Paramount College of Natural Medicine (2015)

Prenatal Yoga Teacher training, Bliss Baby Yoga, Perth (2015)