A Simple Tip for Helping Your Baby (and You) Sleep

A Simple Tip for Helping Your Baby (and You) Sleep

This is so simple, but so effective.

Your baby wakes at night.  You want some light to see what’s going on, or watch as you are feeding them.  The problem with artificial light, particularly bright, blue toned light waves, is that it gives your baby’s brain (and yours) the signal that it is daytime.  This blocks the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

Orange toned light filters help to block the wakeful blue light.  See this little video for more information:

Aside from the product mentioned in the video, you can filter out strong, blue light by using enclosed red or orange lamp shades and using dim light bulbs.

An alternative, and what I have in my home, is to use a Himalayan salt lamp.  They emit a soft, warm, orange glow when turned on.  I find that it is just light enough to see what’s going on, and in the early days, feed my baby (nowadays we have the latch down-pat and I feed in the dark), without being too bright.  You can find these lamps from some health food shops, new-age type shops and on ebay.

I think that salt lamps look quite pretty and unique too!